Fish and other aquatic beings may be very sensitive to sudden water changes (both temperature and water chemistry). It is therefore vital to slowly acclimate them to their new water before releasing them into your aquarium. Generally, if the fish you bought died within two days of getting it into your aquarium, there are big chances that it hasn’t been well acclimated.

Before adding many fish to your aquarium, make sure that your aquarium is cycled.

How to make the fish adapt to your aquarium water

Step 1: Do not open the fish bag yet. Let it float in your tank for about thirty minutes. This will slowly adjust the temperature of the water in the bag to that of the aquarium.

Step 2: Open the bag and tie it to one side of your aquarium. Slowly add some water in the bag.

Step 3: Repeat 3 to 4 times after waiting for ten minutes before repeating.

Step 4: Gently release the fish into your aquarium.

However, sometimes, it may happen that you cannot float the open bag (from step 2). You should then proceed by putting your bag in a little bucket and use an air line tube to siphon the water into the bag. The flow of water may be varied by pinching the tube or using a tap at the end of the tube.