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How To Acclimate New Fish In Your Aquarium

Fish and other aquatic beings may be very sensitive to sudden water changes (both temperature and water chemistry). It is therefore vital to slowly acclimate them to their new water before releasing them into your aquarium. Generally, if the fish you bought died within two days of getting it into your aquarium, there are big […]

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How to calculate the volume of your Aquarium

Generally, you can get the volume of any regular object by multiplying it’s base area to it’s height. In school, we’ve all learnt that to calculate the area of a box, you must multiply its three sides: length, width and height. Since multiplying its length and width will give you the base area, it can […]

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Cycling and The New Tank Syndrome

The New Tank Syndrome Most of us start that way. One day you decide to get an aquarium, so you go to the nearest fish store, you buy a tank, some gravel, a filter and go home. You happily find a place for your first aquarium, add the gravel, water and set up the filter. […]

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