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Betta splendens – Siamese Fighting Fish

The Betta, Betta splendens, formerly known as Siamese Fighting Fish,  forms part of the family of the Osphronemidae and has an organ called the Labyrinth which allow it to breathe air directly.  The wild betta originates from Thailand and some regions of South East Asia and are found in swamps and rice paddies. Wild bettas […]

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Betta’s special needs

Size of Betta Tank Well kept bettas can reach the age of 3 years. Don’t keep bettas in bowls and never listen to anyone who tells you that you can keep a betta in a bowl or any small sized container. Bettas should be properly housed in at least 5 gallons of water. Your tank […]

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Breeding Bettas

Sexing Sexing bettas is quite easy. Generally, the male will have longer fins than females. But with some new varieties of betta, the females may show longer finnage. Females display two different kind of stripes. Stress stripe are horizontal and show up when the females are stressed while breeding stripes are vertical and show up […]

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Betta fry care

Remove The Male Your male will take care of the eggs until they hatch and the fry are free swimming. The free swimming stage occurs two days after the eggs hatch. At this stage, you should remove the male. Put it in another tank where it will recover – the male has not eaten since […]

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