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Bristlenose catfish – Ancistrus dolichopterus – L183

The Bristlenose catfish(Ancistrus dolichopterus – L183) originates from fast flowing rivers of the Amazon. This fish is peaceful towards other tank mates(including corydoras) but needs plenty of room and hiding places. They may become aggressive towards their own kind in small tanks. A good filtration is also necessary as this fish produces a lot of […]

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Breeding Bristlenose catfish

Sexing Sexing young specimens is difficult. However, mature ancistrus fish are easy to sex. The male develops “bristles” on their head. Females sometimes develop smaller protuberations around her lip. Males also bear more noticeable odontodal growth. Conditioning As sexing is difficult in young fish, you can start by having six juvenile fish. It’s almost certain […]

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