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Angelfish – Pterophyllum scalare

The Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare is one fish everyone recognizes at the first glance. It is a cichlid that originates from the Amazon Basin was first talked about by Lichtenstein in 1824. Angelfish are normally peaceful fish but they are cichlids and can become very territorial during breeding time. They will protect their breeding site quite […]

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Breeding Angelfish

Sexing Sexing young Pterophyllum scalare is impossible. The only sure way to sex them is to watch them breed. The female is the one laying eggs and has a fatter ovipositor (breeding tube). The male’s ovipositor is smaller and thinner. Also, older males develop a slightly more rounded cranial structure. Breeding Angelfish will breed in […]

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Kribensis – Pelvicachromis pulcher

The kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher), or krib, is a hardy fish that originates from western Africa. Well kept kribs have a beautiful coloration, especially during breeding – Kribs may not have all their lovely colors when you’re buying them in pet shops. Lifetime Adults live to about 4-5 years. Size These fish get to 10cm(4″) long […]

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Breeding Kribensis

Sexing Mature females have a purple/red round bellies. Their bellies get a deeper coloration when they are ready to breed.  Males get bigger than females and have a pointed dorsal fin while that of the female is rounded. Before you breed You should note that kribs get protective – aggressive towards other tank mates – […]

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Kribensis Fry Care

The kribensis fry start swimming about ten days after spawning. The female will closely guard them. Every night the female will bring the fry back a cave(not necessarily the same one) and every morning the female will scout the surrounding before taking out the fry again. Help The Parents Add a small night light near […]

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