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Zebra Danio | Leopard Danio – Danio rerio

Danios are cyprinids, originating from India and some neighboring countries. Zebra Danios(Danio rerio, also called zebrafish) have horizontal stripes while Leopard Danios(Danio rerio var Frankei) are spotted. Both the Zebra Danio and the Leopard Danio are similar fish which can be considered to have the same characteristics. They are schooling fish should be kept in […]

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Danio breeding

Before You Breed Both the Zebra Danio and the Leopard Danio breed in the same way and they can be bred together too! Cross-breeding these Danios will give you a mixture of Leopard and Zebra Danios. Sexing In mature specimens, males Danios are much slimmer than the females. Conditioning Breeding them is easy. The males […]

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Danio fry care

Fry Care The eggs will hatch after 4 days incubation and the fry will start swimming within the next two days. At this time, you should feed them infusoria and microworms. Four days later, start implementing some freshly hatched brine shrimp to the fry tank. At this stage, you can stop feeding infusoria. Ten days […]

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White Cloud Mountain Minnow -Tanichthys albonubes

The White Cloud Mountain Minnow(Tanichthys albonubes) is a hardy and excellent beginner fish. Being a member of the cyprinidae family, this fish is very active, and loves swimming in the filter’s currents. It is not strictly a tropical fish and is quite happy in an unheated tank. Lifetime The White Cloud Mountain Minnow typically lives […]

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White cloud mountain minnow breeding

Sexing Adult White Cloud Mountain Minnows(WCMM) are sexed very easily as the females are plumper than the males. Conditioning Breeding them is also very easy. The males and females should be separated for about two weeks before breeding. They should be fed live food during that period. The breeding tank The breeding pair(or trio – […]

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