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Guppy fry care

Tank The fry tank can be a simple tank, and you will need to provide filtration, lighting and a minimum temperature of 24°C. As the fry mature and are separated(see later), place them in larger tanks for quicker growth. Feeding Feed them 5 times a day during the first four weeks. Grind any big food […]

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Infusoria is an old fashioned name for aquatic microorganisms such as Protozoa and unicellular algae. Aquarists feed infusoria to their tiniest fish fry, such as those of tetras, gouramis and bettas. These fry are too small to eat microworms or brine shrimps. If you want to breed small egglayers, then you will need infusoria. How […]

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Betta fry care

Remove The Male Your male will take care of the eggs until they hatch and the fry are free swimming. The free swimming stage occurs two days after the eggs hatch. At this stage, you should remove the male. Put it in another tank where it will recover – the male has not eaten since […]

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Live food for fishes

These foods can be found in gardens, ponds and rivers but can also be found at your local fish store. Live fish food include earthworms, water fleas (Daphnia), bloodworms and feeder fish. Live foods for fry include infusoria, newly hatched brine shrimp (Artemia salina) and microworms. These are the most preferred type of food for […]

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Danio fry care

Fry Care The eggs will hatch after 4 days incubation and the fry will start swimming within the next two days. At this time, you should feed them infusoria and microworms. Four days later, start implementing some freshly hatched brine shrimp to the fry tank. At this stage, you can stop feeding infusoria. Ten days […]

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White cloud mountain minnow fry care

The White Cloud Mountain Minnow(WCMM) fry (length 2.5mm) will hatch after three days and will start swimming after one additional day and should now be fed. Infusoria and microworms are the first food. After ten days, start feeding the fry with newly hatched artemia. You can start water changes. When they get bigger, gradually swap […]

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